There are many real estate companies that all vie to do the same thing, and generally, they do.  Houses for sale get listed in the MLS©, potential buyers get shown available properties, documents may be prepared and signed, and hopefully, escrow will close.  The difference in the process lies with quality and experience of the execution of the services that are provided.  At Las Vegas Real Estate & Investments, we hold ourselves to certain standards that most others in the real estate industry do not.

  • All of our agents are long-time residents of the Las Vegas area, which gives them an understanding of the heart of the city’s neighborhoods, business and political climate, housing trends, and prospects for the future of our city.
  • With rare exception, we require our agents to have a college degrees.  Unless the agent shows something special, they will not even be considered to join the company unless they have a college degree.  While graduating from college is not, in itself, an indicia of success, experience holds that college graduates will tend to be more successful, and have the educational background to be more apt to write a grammatically correct letter or email.  Ask yourself, do you want to trust the purchase or sale of what is likely the most expensive item in your life to someone who cannot write a proper paragraph or know the correct usage of the words “their”, “there” and “they’re”, much less be able to read and comprehend the contracts and documents that you will need to sign?
  • We know who we are, and who we aren’t.  We are not a large, one-size-fits all franchised agency that will let anybody who passes the real estate licensing test join them.  We have standards, and so should you.
  • Our broker is also an experienced real estate and business attorney.  While you may not need a lawyer to buy or sell your home, if the need arises, wouldn’t prefer to know you had the knowledge and experience of a lawyer in your corner throughout the entire transaction?
  • We adhere to the Golden Rule.  We treat others the way we want to be treated.  No one likes being lied to, taken for granted, taken advantage of, disrespected or ignored.
  • We embrace change, while respecting the past.